Dooky Car Seat Carrier

Product Description

Infant car seats are heavy and awkward to carry, especially as your baby grows. Carrying them can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain. The Dooky Car Seat Carrier has been designed to give parents a helping hand and it takes with weight of the car seat across your body and shoulders to help prevent muscle strain on the arm, hand and wrist. The Car Seat Carrier has the following features: Fully adjustable to fit any body size. Universal, can be used on all infant car seats. Suitable for use on Left or Right hand side. Safety Tested and suitable to carry the weight of the infant car seat plus a baby up to 29lbs or 13kgs in weight. Meets Safety Standards DIN EN 1888 and DIN EN 13209-1. Always ensure hook is locked before use. Only to be used by a responsible adult.

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