Richell UF Weaning Starter Set

Product Description

Richell HK Sale: UF Weaning Starter Set

The Richell Baby Food Set is a very convenient set of Weaning Starter Set featuring:

  • 3 cups with measurements
  • 1 cooling bag
  • 1 dinner plate
  • 3 soft spoons
  • 3 heating covers

 Product BarCode: 4973655211816

Direct Import from Japan

Delivery time for Pre-order: Around 4 weeks.

If you order combine other items with this Pre-order item, the whole order will be shipped round 4 weeks in 1 single shipment.  No partial shipments.


 All Richell sold by BabyPark are 100% authentic and sourced from authorised suppliers only,. 

HK$148.00 HK$190.00

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