Baby Shop for shipping to China

Shipping Details for Macau SAR/Mainland China

For shipping to Macau SAR / Mainland China, 

Order Amount  Delivery Charge (import tax excluded)
Below $300 $200
From $300 to $599.99 $150
From $600 to $1199.99 $100
From $1200 to $1799.99 $50
$1800 & up Free


1) Customers are responsible for all import duties incurred & directly paid to relevant parties

2) BabyPark will not pay or be held responsible for any damages/charges/delays in the delivery process under all circumstances.

Customers understand and accept the risks of shipping by using logistics suppliers

3) All goods will be shipped out from Hong Kong to China. 

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at (852) 26626603 or