BabyBjorn HK Sale Toilet Trainer White & Red

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Product Description

BabyBjorn HK Sale Toilet Trainer White & Red

  • Adjusts to fit your toilet seat
  • Comfortable and secure seating
  • Ergonomic design helps your child sit correctly.
  • Easy for the child
  • The child can easily put on and remove the toilet trainer.
  • Flexible use The toilet trainer only needs to be adjusted once.
  • Adjusts to fit your toilet seat
  • Mastering something new can take a while.

The BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer makes learning to go to the bathroom a little easier for your child. Soft lines make the toilet trainer a comfortable place to sit and ensure that your child is correctly seated. No sharp edges against baby's skin. It's easy to adjust the toilet seat to fit your toilet the first time you use it. After that, your child can simply put it on and remove it on his or her own.

The BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer is easy to clean and the inward sloping splashguard prevents spills outside the toilet . A practical handle makes the toilet trainer easy for your child to put away when not in use.


  • Safe and secure for your child to sit on from age 2.


  • The material used in the BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer is polypropylene (PP). This product is PVC-free and contains no bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, cadmium, lead, bromine or chlorine. Moreover, the plastic is recyclable. SafetyThe toilet trainer can be adjusted to fit any toilet. When adjusted, it remains firmly on the toilet seat. A rubber strip keeps the toilet trainer from sliding around.

Technical information

  • Weight: 14 oz/400 g Measurements: 12 x 3.5 x 14.5 in /29 x 9 x 36 cm
  • Product care The toilet trainer is easy to clean. Wipe with a damp cloth or rinse under running water. The screw mechanism is simple to take apart when cleaning. Hang the toilet trainer by the handle when it's not in use.

Keep the following in mind: Help your child climb on and off the toilet trainer until it is safe for the child to do it on his or her own.

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