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Jellycat Toothy is one of the cutest lines in the range.  They all share a very notable feature - all have super big mouth with a big smile showing all their teeth.  It is hard to miss their smile, even you are meters away from them.  

Toothy Dragon is a fictional icon in Chinese culture resembling the king.  However, we are not sure if he is the real king here.  Still he looks like he can fly high with his wings well ready.

Toothy Pig catches the spotlight with its pink body & in the year of Pig.

Toothy Shark does not represent the same seriousness as a shark.  Plus, this one can only swim in the washing machine.

Toothy Rex is from the ancient times with green body throughout.

More animals are in the series: Bat, Donkey, Fox, Hippo, Mutt..

 All Jellycat sold by BabyPark HK are 100% authentic sourced from authorized distributors.

Jellycat Toothy HK Sale

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